I've had a keen interest in photography since childhood and was thrilled when Father Christmas left me a shiny new Kodak Disc 4000 camera of my own in 1985!  I was 11 years old.
Since then, I've been pretty obsessed with taking photos, even more so when my two children came along.  I have boxes of prints (all filed chronologically!) and albums-upon-albums of images.  There's just nothing better than capturing the people and places you love the most.  A little snapshot of time stood still.  Freezing your precious memories.
Every time I use my camera it makes me smile.  In fact, it makes me beam from ear-to-ear.  I just want to share this joy with my clients.  I love creating beautiful memories for them to cherish forever.
Thankfully I've progressed from my Kodak Disc camera to a very grown-up Nikon DSLR!  And I've had the pleasure of training with some amazing, award-winning photographers.
The Shutter Mill started in 2011 as a hobby, and I've now developed a hobby I was passionate about into a profession.
I believe photos should be displayed not hidden away on our Tech.  Everyone needs something beautiful to fill a frame or a space on the wall.  My sole purpose with The Shutter Mill is to create these beautiful images and to capture the important people, milestones and events of my clients.
Elinor x
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